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Welcome to Legal Fulfillment Group, LLC

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    Simple & Convenient

    We use your existing authorization which is uploaded to our portal, basic client information is entered and you select from our ever-growing list of providers. If we do not have a provider in our list, we contact them to make sure we are requesting appropriately and to the correct individuals. Just enter the basics for your client and sit back while we take care of gathering the records for you.

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    Easy access anywhere. All documents (exclusive of films) are transferred to or received in and maintained in an electronic format on our portal for ease of access anywhere with an internet connection. Security is of the utmost importance and we follow HIPAA Compliance guidelines and our website uses 128 bit encryption. Each and every document is also encrypted.

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    Monthly Statements

    Billing is simplified. All charges pre- and post-pay are paid by our group. A monthly statement provides a simple pdf or Excel spreadsheet of all charges for your firm plus an individual statement for each client with a copy of invoices paid on their behalf. You have only one transaction for all your records needs instead of many checks or charges every month.

Committed to Delivering
Quality Service for Our
Customers and Their Clients.

Document retrieval can be a cumbersome and frustrating process. We take that frustration off your hands so you and your staff can focus on what you want to do – practice law. The headache of keeping track of who does billings for what at each facility can be exhausting and we have simplified that with relationships as to what facilities use which groups based on dates of service. If we do not have it in our system, we find out who does and how to get all documents related. We do everything we can to chase down every document you need to obtain the best result for your clients.